RECAP: Fairfield County has seen sporadic activity. Real estate truly is unique in each town and city as seen in the results below.

Click on this link to see the year over year Q1 details for towns like Bridgeport, Trumbull, Westport and the rest of Fairfield County.
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Recently Sold Homes in Fairfield CT


Priced to Sell or Priced to Sit?

No one has ever said "I think my house should sell for less."
We all want to get top dollar for our property. But does wanting to get top dollar mean you are willing to wait for six months for a willing buyer to come along? It can be a long six months with last minute phone calls for property showings, the need to keep your home neat and tidy all the time, people walking throughout your house and just the inconvenience of trying to sell in a down market. Is it worth paying another six months of mortgage payments, property taxes, utility bills and overall upkeep to make an additional 5% on your home?

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